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Legal Disclaimer

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Pricacy Policy

All communication with BAS ONLINE S.L. by any means or through your email address, or the forms present on this website or your e-mail, you expressly consent for your personal data to be incorporated into files owned by BAS ONLINE SL, whose e-mail address -mail is [email protected].

These personal data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data.

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Contract Conditions


These General Contractual Conditions for logistics services constitute a binding part of the service contract concluded between the client and the company, with the parties committing to their fulfillment.


These general conditions apply to all logistic services offered by BAS ONLINE S.L. as Logistics Operator.

These general conditions are available to customers and the general public in the office that BAS ONLINE S.L. It has in SPAIN and also on the website (www.easyexport.es)

Likewise, they are registered in the Deposit Book of the Register of General Conditions of the Barcelona Contract.


a) Company: means BAS ONLINE S.L.

b) Client: means the person for whom the company provides its services.

c) Loader / Shipper: means the person who hires in his own name the realization of a transport and in front of which the carrier is obliged to do it.

d) Carrier: means the person who assumes the obligation to carry out the transport on his own behalf regardless of whether he executes it by his own means or hires its execution with other subjects.

e) Recipient / consignee: Means the person to whom the carrier has to deliver the goods at the destination.Destinatario/consignatario: Quiere decir la persona a quien el porteador ha de entregar las mercancías en el lugar de destino.


1.1. If there are no specific instructions, BAS ONLINE S.L. You can choose the itineraries, means and modes of transport that, in your opinion, are the most appropriate to carry out the transport and / or delivery of the goods in the best conditions.

1.2. The goods will always be issued at the risk and expense of the sender and / or recipient and the insurance will be covered only in accordance with the instructions received from them in writing.

1.3. If the consignee or consignees did not take charge upon arrival of all or part of the goods, they will be deposited at the risk and expense of the sender or whoever corresponds, subject to the provisions of the Law or, where appropriate, in the uses of commerce observed at the place of delivery.


2.1. BAS ONLINE S.L. is guaranteed the accuracy of the declaration of the goods with regard to their characteristics, description, brands, numbers, quantity, weight and volume, responding to the sender and / or recipient of the responsibilities for losses, damages, breakdowns and / or penalties that may originate to third parties the inaccuracy of the aforementioned data, as well as those derived from improper, defective packaging, or misuse that causes damage or damage to the goods or handling equipment or means of transport, even if such inaccuracies or deficiencies appear in operations not executed directly by BAS ONLINE SL who will also be compensated for the additional expenses that cause such causes.

2.2 Orders loading dangerous goods must be pre-notified by the shipper 24 hours before the deadlines required for conventional goods. All shipments of dangerous goods must be within the ADR / IMDG standards that are in force at all times. The sender is solely responsible for complying with current legislation, both in packaging, documentation, trademarks, consignment letters and any other requirement that is necessary for the transport of the aforementioned goods, exonerating BAS ONLINE S.L. especially for any liability arising from non-compliance with third parties.

In case of omission or insufficient information, the sender will respond for the damages caused by the goods, having BAS ONLINE S.L. right to be reimbursed for expenses that are caused for this reason and being exempt from any responsibility if the goods had to be unloaded, destroyed, neutralized or made harmless, as circumstances require and without compensation.

2.3 The guarantees and obligations of the charger included in the previous points are extended, in the case of shipments to the US. The loader is responsible for the requirements of prior information and documentation necessary for importation into that country that are required by the authorities at any time, responding to its accuracy and timeliness. Likewise, the shipper must be responsible for any expenses, damages and losses that may arise from any breach, without BAS ONLINE S.L. is responsible for the consequences arising from not having been able to inform the US Customs of the nature of the shipment with the prescribed advance or of failures in the import documentation. In case of omission or insufficient information, the loader will also respond for the damages caused.


3.1. BAS ONLINE S.L. It is responsible for the damages resulting from the loss, breakdown or delay in delivery if the fact that caused the damage had taken place between the moment when the goods were taken over and the one in which their delivery takes place. However, it will not be responsible for the facts or acts that result or result from faults or negligence of the sender or the recipient; natural losses and / or vice of things; of strikes, lockout or other labor disputes that affect work; natural disasters, force majeure, theft or any other cause that BAS ONLINE S.L. could not have avoided or whose consequences could not have been prevented by employing reasonable diligence.

3.2. BAS ONLINE S.L. shall not be liable for compliance with instructions given after the issuance of shipping or transport documents, as well as any contingency arising from said subsequent instructions.

3.3. When the responsibility derives from facts or acts that occurred during the execution of the transport, if BAS ONLINE SL were to be subrogated in it, in no case may it exceed that assumed by the railway, navigation, air, transport companies by road, warehouses, or any intermediary involved in the course of transport, in accordance with current international regulations and conventions.

3.4. When transport is carried out by two or more different means of transport, the responsibility of BAS ONLINE S.L. It will be applicable to the regulations of each phase or mode of transport. When the phase of the path in which the damage occurred cannot be determined, the responsibility of BAS ONLINE S.L. It will be decided in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/2009 on the contract of land transport of goods. Likewise, the protest against loss, breakdown or delay in the merchandise will be governed by the rules applicable to the mode of transport in which the merchandise is delivered or must be delivered.

3.5 In no case BAS ONLINE S.L. will be responsible for loss of profit, consequential, indirect, exemplary or punitive damages and especially no liability of BAS ONLINE S.L. due to interruption of production, business or sale resulting from delay, loss, theft or damage to merchandise.


4.1 The responsibility of BAS ONLINE S.L. regarding losses or breakdowns of the merchandise, it is limited, at most, to the amounts established in current regulations:

4.2 In case BAS ONLINE S.L. be liable for the damages resulting from the delay in delivery, or any indirect loss or damage other than the loss or damage of the goods, your liability will be limited to a sum not exceeding the equivalent to the price of transport under the contract concluded with BAS ONLINE SL.

4.3 The accumulated responsibility of BAS ONLINE S.L. shall not exceed the limits of liability for the total loss of the goods.

4.4 These limitations will apply to all claims directed against BAS ONLINE S.L. regardless of whether the claim is based on contractual or extra-contractual liability.

4.5 In the case of a warehousing and storage service, BAS ONLINE S.L. limit its liability in accordance with the provisions of the LOTT (Chapter I of RD 1211/90 applicable to auxiliary and complementary activities of transport) to 4.5 Euros per kilogram of gross weight of damaged merchandise.

4.6 Verified Gross Weight Statement - VGM (SOLAS Agreement) in which the shipper (understood as the shipper, exporter, importer, bill of lading, owner and / or holder of the merchandise) guarantees the correctness of the declaration of content, weight and especially the certification of the verification of weight for purposes of the SOLAS Agreement. The issuer must indemnify BAS ONLINE S.L. and keep it undamaged against any loss, damage or expenses, including attorneys' fees that arise or may arise from defects, errors or inadequacies in the declaration of the container weight loader.


5.1. It is stated that the service contractor may sign a supplementary insurance contract that covers the value of the goods transported prior declaration of their value and payment of the corresponding insurance.


6.1. The transport and other services object of the activity of BAS ONLINE S.L. They are understood to be contracted according to the rates in force at the time of contracting and within the limits provided therein. If there are no tariffs, the hiring will be carried out at the usual or market prices corresponding to the place where it is made. The additional expenses that occur as a result of events or circumstances after the date of contracting or, where appropriate, on the date of issuance of the shipping or transport documents, shall be borne by the customers, provided they are duly justified and are not due to fault or negligence of any of those who have intervened in the provision of contracted services.

6.2. The payment of any expenses and services provided by BAS ONLINE S.L., will be made in cash, unless special conditions previously agreed.

6.3. BAS ONLINE S.L. has on the merchandise, right of pledge and / or retention for all the amounts that are owed to him by virtue of the services entrusted to him by the same sender and / or recipient or the representatives of one or the other. You may enforce your right by any means that you deem appropriate and admissible under the laws of the place where the indicated rights are exercised or, failing that, the place of issue of the goods or the place where they must be delivered . If the goods were lost or destroyed, BAS ONLINE S.L. You have the same rights mentioned above with respect to compensation that is paid by insurance companies, transport companies or others.

6.4. In case of delay in the payment of any expenses and services provided by BAS ONLINE SL, the debtor will be obliged to pay the late payment interest established in Law 3/2004 of December 29 of measures to combat late payment in Commercial operations.

6.5A Likewise, regarding the deferment of the payment of the invoices, it will be limited to the term agreed in each case with the client, not being able to exceed the expiration of the invoice of 60 days from the date of the invoice or performance of the service.

6.5B The customer may not compensate or refuse to pay for the services provided at the expiration of the invoices without the consent of BAS ONLINE S.L.

6.6. The client is obliged to pay not only the price of the services contracted with BAS ONLINE S.L., but also of any additional duly justified expenses incurred during transport. In particular, the expenses that are incurred in the delay of the withdrawal / reception of the container at the port of destination will be jointly and severally responsible for the shipper and the recipient, regardless of the terms agreed in the sale, against BAS ONLINE S.L.


7.1. Actions for losses, breakdowns or delays cannot be exercised if, at the time of delivery of the respective expeditions, the corresponding reservations had not been formalized. In the case of losses, breakdowns or delays in the material execution of transport, protests and reservations must be formulated in the terms and conditions indicated in the current regulations and in those established in the International Conventions that regulate the mode of transport of in question.

7.2. All actions related to the services provided by BAS ONLINE S.L. they prescribe / expire in the period of time indicated by the current regulations and, where appropriate, the international Conventions that regulate the different modes of transport, beginning to run the limitation period according to what is established in each regulation or Agreements.


8.1. The sender and / or addressee expressly submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of Barcelona, ​​waiving another jurisdiction if there is one.


BAS ONLINE S.L. informs that your data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality in accordance with the BAS ONLINE SL privacy and security policy, as established by Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Personal Data Protection and Royal Decree 1720 / 2007 of December 21.

If there is a change in your data, please contact us in order to update them.

We also inform you that you have the power to exercise the rights of rectification, cancellation and opposition, as recognized by Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13. To exercise these rights, and for any clarification, you can contact us by regular mail or email at [email protected] with address at C / Vicent Andres Estelles, 20 3B 08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú BARCELONA to the attention of the Department. of Quality of EASY EXPORT, making reference in the envelope DATA PROTECTION.